Connor Duncan

Quantitative Analyst

About Me

I am a Quantitative Analyst on the Fixed Income ETF Team at Invesco. I recently graduated the University of Illinois in Chicago with a Master's in Applied Math. Before that, I attended the University of California, Berkeley, where I studied Applied Math and Physics.

I enjoy working on problems at the intersection of Partial Differential Equations, Data Science, and Software Engineering.


Need a little extra help in a math or physics class? I'd be thrilled to work with you on a wide variety of subjects, from introductory algebra to differential geometry. I charge between $25-$50/hr depending on subject complexity and travel considerations. Email me for details!

Lecture Notes

Here are some lecture notes I took as an undergraduate at Cal. These are provided as-is with zero-editing (except PDEs II), and are probably not a great primary source if you're in any of these classes. These are mostly here for my own reference, and because they include some nice TiKz pictures.